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Mainstream media blackout on Chevron’s prosecution of Steven Donziger, explained

Civil rights lawyer Steven Donziger was released back to house arrest in October 2021 to serve the rest of his 6 month misdemeanor sentence from home. The decision to release him under a COVID-19 early release policy came after a large public pressure campaign that included celebrities, Nobel laureates, climate activists, politicians and independent media […]

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Melting Ice: The Real Reason Behind Trump’s Shocking Greenland Purchase Proposal

The August 2019¬†headline that Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland shocked many of both country’s people before being eclipsed by the next outrage and eventually, the impeachment saga. Both impeachment and the Greenland story are indicative of foreign policy designed to make headlines and ultimately benefit Trump himself and the special interest elites staffing his […]

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Lightbulbs, straws and cheeseburgers: “Oh My”

Due to a few industries pumping millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere, climate change is a crisis we are just seeing the beginning of. Yet for the past thirty years, also due to these industries pumping misinformation into the political atmosphere, climate change has been a paltry sidestep for presidential candidates as they […]